β€œEat diamonds for breakfast and shine all day”

Hey!! Welcome to the official website for thosebonnets...We ship all over the world?? We also Wholesale any and all kinds of bonnets logo or no logo. If you are interested in starting your own Bonnetz business we can help...... FOLLOW US ON THE GRAM @thosebonnetz

Multi Green Dollar Sign Satin Hair Bonnet

Cute, Soft and Stretchy Money Green Dollar Sign Satin Bonnet. Be cute and wear money πŸ’°!!

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Black / Gray Satin Bonnet

Comfy, Soft, Satin and Stretchable Bonnet. Made to wear with Extensions too! Cover your hair with this and maintain moisture.

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Pink / Gray Satin Bonnet with Elastic

Thosebonnetz Pink / Gray Satin Bonnet with Elastic. Wear this bonnet with hair extensions to help maintain the hairstyle and holds moisture.

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Hot Pink / Gray Satin Bonnet

Thosebonnetz Hot Pink / Gray Satin Bonnet With Elastic to Secure Hair.

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Flawless Human Hair Strip Eyelashes $4.99

Flawless Human Hair Strip Eyelashes. Natural and Lightweight

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I love all of your products they are all so nice!!!Β 


Girllll these Bonnets/ drags are the Bomb. Im ready to place my next order.


I Like your products keep doing your think


Just Keep on doing what your doing Β your doing good.